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“Off-The-Shelf” and Custom Courses

"Off-The-Shelf" and Custom Courses

Lewis Consulting has presented "off-the-shelf" and customized versions of our quantitative methods courses to over 5000 professionals in over fifty organizations. Our most popular courses include:

  • Lean Six Sigma for Project Leaders (64 hours)
  • Effective Problem Solving (8 hours)
  • Design of Industrial Experiments (32 hours)
    • DOE I: Getting Started with DOE (16 hours)
    • DOE II: System Optimization with DOE (16 hours)
  • Applying Statistical Process Control (16 hours)
  • Statistical Concepts for Manufacturing & Test Personnel (8 hours)
  • Measurement Systems Assurance (8 hours)
  • Practical Data Analysis I (16 hours)
  • Practical Data Analysis II (16 hours)
  • Leading Continuous Improvement (16 hours)
  • Monte Carlo Simulation (8 hours)
  • Discrete Event Simulation (20 hours)
  • Lean Six Sigma for Green Belts (56 hours)
  • Lean Six Sigma for Black Belts (126 hours)

For more detailed information about these and other Lewis Consulting training programs download our current portfolio of classes.

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