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Practical insight and direction for the future.

Practical insight and direction for the future.

"Six Sigma" Performance Improvement
What does a policeman in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, the freight claims supervisor of a large manufacturer, the COO of an ambulance services company, a hospital nurse, a Habitat for Humanity volunteer, a Finnish chemical engineer, and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Committee have in common? Each is applying the methodology of Six Sigma to improve the profitability of its operation or satisfaction of its customer. Since its emergence in the mid-1990's, Six Sigma has proven to be one of the most effective performance improvement initiatives ever pursued in U.S. industry. While it blossomed among large multi-national manufacturing companies, Six Sigma has now spread throughout the service sector and among government agencies and non-profit organization. Why? The bottom line of Six Sigma is the "bottom line: - it is a proven means for transforming excess costs into profits and disgruntled customers into satisfied ones. In other words it is a strategy for achieving significant business results.  (Click here to read the whole article)

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