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[Clients & Testimonials]
What our customers say...

What our customers say...

"Over the last year I and a number of Genentech engineers have completed Don's Design of Experiments (DOE) course offered through the Oregon Biosciences Association. We are very pleased with this training program, as it has significantly impacted on our engineering productivity. In addition to the excellent training materials that include numerous examples from Don's extensive experience in a variety of industries, Don demonstrates a special ability to communicate quantitative subjects like DOE to audiences with varied technical backgrounds. His complete knowledge of the DOE subject-matter gives his audience confidence in what they are learning and encourages them to apply their new-found knowledge. The discoveries we have made in the designed experiments we have conducted over the last year dwarf the cost of the DOE training we have received. And, the Genentech engineers that have completed Don's DOE training have become self-sufficient in their DOE capabilities, lightening my coaching workload. The benefits Genentech has derived from this course are clear, and we plan to continue to use Don's training programs in the future to improve our technical staff's quantitative capabilities."

Catherine Acosta, Operational Excellence, Genentech, Inc.

"I have known Don professionally through his consulting practice for almost twenty years. I recently brought Don's outstanding training program in Design of Experiments (DOE) into Bio-Rad Laboratories for a group of our R&D scientists and engineers. While many statistical trainers know their subject academically, Don has a unique ability to tailor his clear teaching to his customer's need to identify and make fruitful applications of DOE methods. His one-on-one coaching sessions further enable his students to put into practice in their own work environments the methods he delivers in his training programs. Because he motivated our scientists to characterize their problems before selecting particular DOE methods, I have observed much better decision-making by our DOE users in terms of choice of the best techniques for their problems. It takes many years of hands-on experience to quickly determine an experimenter's problem and provide sound input into the design of that user's experiment. Don has demonstrated that rare skill many times over. I therefore heartily recommend Don's quantitative training programs and follow-up coaching for any technical or engineering group."

James Hillendahl, Sr. Staff Optical Engineer,Bio-Rad Laboratories

"We have utilized Don's statistical expertise for over ten years. He quickly grasps the core process and test issues we face and leads us to effective applications of his methods. That skill carries over to his on-site training, where he always leaves behind a real enthusiasm to apply the tools he has taught us."

Ron Reis, Director of Technology, Advanced Silicon Materials LLC

"I attended Don's Six Sigma "Black Belt" training, and it proved to be invaluable. We are now on course to saving $120,000 per year from the first project alone. We could not have achieved such a result without Don's ability to connect the Six Sigma methodology to our unique business environment."

Larry Boxman, Chief Operating Officer, Metrowest Ambulance

"Don has a knack for rapidly connecting his statistical methodologies to our technical problems and then suggesting the best approach to follow. His passion is to make us successful applying quantitative methods, and that separates him from just about everyone else."

Todd Hudson, Site Operations Director, Planar Medical Business Unit

"Don's class for our engineers was a tour-de-force in terms of organizing from scratch a customized course that answered the most pressing problems that we face on our process tools. Kudos from one engineer who really appreciates the effort he expended to put it together!"

Chuck Otis, Ph.D., Process Engineer, Hewlett-Packard

"Thank you for the excellent class on DOE. I really feel that I can apply what I learned. This was by far the best short course I have taken."

Ron Stanley, Process Engineer, Tektronix, Inc.

"Your instruction on DOE is outstanding! It is helping us immensely with our work."

Louis Denes, Marketing Manager, Tropel

"I think we are finally having an impact here on engineering experimentation, and your training is a big factor in that success."

Harrison Weed, Ph.D., Statistician, SEMATECH

"I want to express my appreciation for the high quality of the SPC classes you have taught at our regional offices. The feedback from the attendees is that you were able to keep the discussion at their (basic) level and were able to relate the course methods to their work and our customers' processes. Doing so made the classes much more interesting and relevant to them. They are now asking for follow-up training!"

Alex Kuchar, Director, Quality Services, APA

"I was pleased with your Introduction to SPC training, primarily because you were responsive to what your audience desired. So often, seminar leaders will press on with what they have prepared, rather than listen to the feedback from the audience. Thank you for an excellent class."

Kenneth Yagura, Vista Management


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